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Winter is getting closer and as we put on coats and think about how to face days of rain, wind and snow, in some places they live an eternal spring. There are some lucky ones, as in the case of Tenerife, where the colds do not arrive and you can enjoy fantastic plans all year round. Traveling to Tenerife in winter is one of the best plans you can consider.

If what you want is to escape the cold. If you feel like not having to wear gloves, scarf and hat for at least a few days, your place is Tenerife.

There are several things that Tenerife is a place to go to in winter.


Reasons to enjoy Tenerife in winter

Tenerife, the largest of the 7 Canary Islands, has the beautiful nickname “the island of eternal spring” due to its annual average temperature of 23 degrees. If you book a little in advance you can find a cheap flight from Madrid, for example, but also from any Spanish city that has the presence of Ryanair at its airport. With what you save you can give yourself one or two excursions of the most fun , I advise you to do it on the website of Trip Tenerife, a Tenerife company specialized in tourist leisure.


The list of reasons to visit Tenerife when it is cold on the Peninsula can be very long, but we will summarize it in these 7 points:

  • There is no winter. As we said, spring is eternal on the island.
  • Is near. It is not necessary to make thousands and thousands of kilometers to go to the Caribbean or Asia to enjoy the heat.
  • Prices. The prices in Tenerife are not high so we can stay in great places, eat and have fun without costing us an eye.
  • The offer of activities. The options and activities, excursions and things to do in Tenerife is immense.
  • The gastronomy. Like every Spanish region, the islands have their gastronomic charm and that means enjoying each dish as if it were unique.
  • Tranquility. Being a time when not everyone goes on vacation, we can take advantage to enjoy the island with fewer people, which gives it a quieter look.
  • Nature. It is certainly the queen. The landscapes, the walks and the activities would not be the same without the great nature that stands out in Tenerife as in few other parts.


What to see in Tenerife

Being Tenerife an island with a lot of activity and a lot of places to see, you will be wondering what to see in Tenerife in winter?

As we said well in this area of ​​Spain, winter as such does not exist, so you can enjoy a lot, really a lot, all year .

Among the most attractive places to see in Tenerife in winter are:

  • The natural park of Teide. Places like Roques de García and Cañadas del Teide are a must see that you will not want to miss. The views of the third highest volcano in the world is something you want to retain in your memory and the tranquility of winter will allow you to do so.
  • La Tejita beach in Médano. Yes, you read that right, you will enjoy beaches in winter and not just anyone, but a unique place like La Tejita beach, a natural beach and the largest in Tenerife.
  • Cross port. Because no visit is complete if we do not go to the largest city on the island to walk and see its charms.
  • The cliffs of Los Gigantes. Although you can see them from the coast, we advise you to go to see them by boat, kayak or jet skis because the experience will be unique.
  • Garachico Being the old capital of Tenerife, it keeps a history that can be seen in its castle, the square and every corner.
  • Punta de Teno. If you want to escape from the crowd, which in itself is already little in winter, we recommend this quiet corner where you will enjoy an air of fresh, clean sea and with all the tranquility of the world.


What to do in Tenerife in winter

As you can imagine, activities in Tenerife are abundant. There are so many things to do that it is best to plan ahead and prioritize what we want.

As a tip, some of the activities to do we recommend the following:

  • Jetski/jet skis. This activity is a different way to enjoy the sea. My advice is to practice it in Los Gigantes, or Puerto Colón, perfect places.)
  • Paragliding You will be imagining the views of the island from the top and you are right, they are spectacular. The best place for a paragliding flight is to do it from the south or the north to enjoy beautiful landscapes.
  • Go partying. The night in Tenerife can be very busy so if you thought it was all beach, get ready to have a great time at night.
  • Diving. If you do diving in Tenerife you will find a seabed so varied that you will want to repeat the experience. Diving in search of species that you did not see before is such a rewarding experience that you will want to repeat it the next day.
  • Visit the Siam Park. Visit this water park and understand why it was chosen number 1 in the world on TripAdvisor.
  • Potatoes with mojo. Try the potatoes with mojo is a dish that you can not miss and if you like fish the connoisseurs recommend those in the area such as Sama or Cherne.


It is clear that if you are a lover of the sun, the beach and nature Tenerife is the place you have to go.

The best thing about this island is not only that it can be visited in summer or spring, but a getaway in the middle of January, for example, is a more than valid option.

Do not think twice and imagine getting into the water, sunbathing or enjoying a walk with summer clothes while in your house the cold air knocks against the window.

Tenerife is an alternative all year round and in winter it is no exception.

Where to sleep in Tenerife: North or South?

Tenerife although it may not seem like it is a very large one and from end to end of the island it can take about two hours, therefore, one of the most important things you should do when planning your trip to the island is to decide where you Do you want to stay, in the north or the south?

In today’s post, we bring you a list of the things you can find in each of the areas and do so we have based on our experience. On our first trip to Tenerife in 2014 we stayed at the Galeia Hardes del Teide hotel in Adeje (South) and on the trip we made in May 2017 we stayed in Santa Cruz, in the north, we talked about ours in the post  My hotel in Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Hotel Horizonte.




In this area of ​​the island, you will find large hotels and resorts, with huge swimming pools and on many occasions all-inclusive.

It is the place of night party of the island par excellence, especially in the area of ​​Los Cristianos.

There is also a lot of offer in shopping centers where you will find the usual chains of clothes, food, …

As we could see the best weather on the island is in this area, so it is also the most deserted area.

You will need a rental car if you want to do some cultural activity, know the Teide, La Laguna (World Heritage) or the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.



In this area, you will find small cheaper hotels, with fewer rooms than in the south of the island and on many urban occasions, without a pool.

In the north, you will find cultural and urban tourism, here is the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna, a World Heritage city and several museums and artistic activities.

Before we said that in the south you will find the best weather and that was why it was a more desert area, well, in the north you will find many green areas, such as Ánaga, because there is a micro-climate that makes it usually colder, windy and rain

Living in the center of a city makes you meet the people there, and you can talk to them and know their lives. You will find this in the north of the island, in the south you will only find tourists who have come to relax.

In the north, you will find guachinches, which are bars that cook typical Canarian dishes. You will not find this in the south because you will surely be in a resort with a buffet that offers international food, or at least that is what happened to us.

Although if you want to know the island it will be useful to rent a car it will not be necessary. In Santa Cruz and La Laguna, you will find two bus exchangers that can take you anywhere on the island.

Now you only have to put a +1 on each of the things you would like to enjoy, add the points and you already have your choice made between staying in the North or in the South of Tenerife.

We, having experience in both places, opted for the north, as we have already told you on some occasions we are not from the beach and if we know cities, towns, and gastronomy.