Bamboo flooring London

Unlike trees, all bamboo floors have the potential to grow to full height and girth in a single growing season of 3–4 months. We believe in bamboo because it is an amazing rapidly renewable resource, and by supporting the use of this beautiful and versatile material as a complete wood replacement. Bamboo has been used for centuries for an almost endless array of practical and decorative purposes, from building material to food for humans and pandas alike. All natural and resilient bamboo flooring will be subject to seasonal contraction and expansion and the day-to-day toll. Bamboo floors are integral to the lives of up to 1.5 billion people, roughly a quarter of the present world population. durable bamboo in the world, suited for floors and Clean bamboo flooring London for renovating your home The mission of the global bamboo housing programme is to promote the substitution of unsustainable building materials with environmental friendly bamboo. Many of the more common Indian-Asian species have populations made up of individuals that seed synchronously at regular and long supra-annual intervals. They must be given ample water, fertilizer, and protection from competitive weeds.

Engineered flooring London

Engineered wood flooring planks and tiles are a safe, environmentally responsible alternative to traditional wood or plastic decking. However, the importance of high-quality logs has diminished as new concepts of wood use have been introduced. This variety is a result of a spectrum of desirable physical characteristics or properties among the many species of wood. regulate a room’s humidity. Smart engineered wood flooring London is also a good thermal This is an important characteristic since good thermal insulators help keep buildings cool in the summer and reduce heating costs in the winter. It is the first characteristic to be considered when choosing the type of wood as it has effect on abrasion as well as resistance to falling objects. Engineered wood has a number of specific characteristics, which are natural and inherent to it. Choose creamy white sapwood or light brown heartwood, or combine the two for even greater contrast and more visual interest. While there are other species, or types, of wood used for flooring, the vast majority in this country is oak, for reasons stated in the history section.