This acreage was previously farm land and although primarily wooded, it could easily be converted to pasture, horse farms, farming or left as a timber/hunting/recreation investment. This acreage is composed of rolling hills, several nice pond sites and beautiful home sites., and is excellent arable farm land for sale as investment. This trend of increasing cultivated land is apparent from the mid-eighties to today. These observations imply that land is being farmed much more intensively without much time to fallow and allow the soil to rejuvenate. Pasture and woodlot are also being cut down at the expense of cultivation.

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Overseas property investment agents explained who have condos and properties throughout the world. Beach front condos in Florida to Ski Cabins in Bulgaria to 6 bedroom villas in the south of Spain. Investment in Overseas Property, also referred to as 'International Real Estate', has become increasingly popular amongst the population of wealthier countries. Such property is usually located in a hotter climate to that of the buyer's native country, and the most sought after properties are located in tourism areas, usually large cities or coastal resorts

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The Spanish Civil War has been called the first battle of the Second World War; under Franco, Spain was neutral in the Second World War though sympathetic to the Axis. The Civil War claimed the lives of over 500,000 people and caused the flight of up to a half-million citizens. Regions - Spain is divided into autonomías or autonomous regions, plus two independent cities. Some of the autonomías - notably the ones which have other official languages alongside Spanish - are regions with their own unique historical tradition. Spain is a constitutional monarchy with two legislative houses; the head of state is the king, and the head of government is the prime minister. Remains of Stone Age populations dating back some 35,000 years have been found throughout Spain. Celtic peoples arrived in the 9th century BCE, followed by the Romans, who dominated Spain from c. 200 BCE until the Visigoth invasion in the early 5th century CE.  With Catalonia, Andalusia was a stronghold of anarchism during the Spanish republic (est. 1931); however, it fell early to the Insurgents in the Spanish civil war of 1936–39. The region later saw recurrent demonstrations against the national government of Francisco Franco. In 1981 it became an autonomous region and in 1982 it elected its first parliament. The region has suffered depopulation in recent times caused by rural poverty and landlessness as well as a rigid class structure and emigration to industrial cities and to other parts of Europe. Such worries do not deter a tourist who just wants just to lounge on some of the 800 kms (500 miles) of coastline, 70% of which are sandy beaches. Any tourist that visits this city has the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of kings and witness a city keeping up with the times. A modern bus service provides monument hopping back packers with ideal and regular transport around the whole of the city. The province of Almeria is a strange corner of Andalucia. It is Spain's hottest province with summers starting before April and lasting well into late October. It boasts the highest hours of sunshine and the lowest rainfall. If you are a big shopper then the main city has something to offer although you should expect to see lots of souvenir shops and Arabic style pottery.

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