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The emergence of tourism brought with it an improvement of the standards of the early inns. Some pressure was placed on these facilities to offer some minimum standards where the consumer was able to identify a hotel. Some hotel bedrooms and apartments may not have en suite bath/shower rooms. Maintenance, cleanliness and comfort should, however, always be of an acceptable standard. Suburban hotels are located in suburban areas, it generally have high traffic on weekend. It is ideal for budget travellers. In this type of hotel rates are moderately low. The hotel classification is an incentive aimed at raising quality standards and improving the chances for independent medium-size hotels. Fuengirola hotels situated inland have a whole spectrum of offerings and you can expect to find some hidden gems in the region. Costa del Sol in Spain in self catering Booking PYR hotel Fuengirola With the approval of the new Spanish Constitution of 1978 and the arrival of democracy, Spain devolved autonomy to the regions and created an internal organization based on autonomous communities. Spain holds a historical attachment to its neighbours within the Iberian Peninsula, Andorra and Portugal. Spain's large central plateau is surrounded by the Ebro River valley, the mountainous Catalonia region, the Mediterranean coastal region of Valencia, the Guadalquivir River valley, and the mountainous region extending from the Pyrenees to the Atlantic coast. Spanish self catering holidays Hotel PYR Fuengirola reservacion Andalusia is crossed in the north by the Sierra Morena and in the south by mountain ranges that rise in the snowcapped Sierra Nevada to the highest peak in mainland Spain, Mulhacén. In our view the better times are May and June, then September and October.... it is cooler and less crowded. Otherwise Spain doubles its population each summer, filling the hotels and apartments, covering beaches with bodies and creating the enjoyable traffic jams of the south coast. The smallest of Andalucias' eight provinces, Malaga is also its' most populated with a staggering 15 million tourists passing through the province each year.