Inland Property in Spain for Sale

Inland Spain is beautiful, undiscovered and unspoilt by the tourism rush which engulfs Spain every year in summer holidays. The Spanish word for rural areas is ‘campo’ which roughly translates to countryside and you’ll find that this countryside is truly off the beaten track. This is the Spain of large open spaces and rolling hills, mountains, nature reserves, historic towns and quaint villages, well preserved Moorish castles and a cultural history which goes back thousands of years.

Since it is off the tourist track and relatively undiscovered by realtors, property in inland Spain remains a great bargain. You get the benefit of low living costs and great Spanish climate while avoiding the seasonal overcrowding of coastal areas. Housing developments are far and few in between and what you would get are individual homes with their own history and culture baked into walls and furniture. You are never going to be too far from parks, mountains and cycling trails. If you are an outdoors enthusiastic, there are plenty of bird watching sites and hiking trails too.

Since Inland Spain offers a wide variety of choices, you should begin by reviewing your lifestyle choices and habits to see which area would suit you best. Depending on what’s more important to you, you can look at buying property in Castile, which is very close to Madrid and includes some of the most charming medieval cities and villages of Spain. Or Leon, which is home to the four major cities of Salamanca, Segovia, Avila and Burgos – all of which have been classified as UNESCO heritage sites.

If you would like to remain closer to coastal areas, you can travel to south of Madrid and look at properties in Castile la Mancha and the fantastic city of Toledo which, once upon a time, was the capital of Spain.

Alternately, if you are really looking to lose yourself in the natural beauty of inland Spain, look for properties in rural Andalucía or Extremadura. The beautiful town of Merida for instance boasts of its grand Roman heritage and Caceres has a special renaissance atmosphere which you wouldn’t find anywhere in Europe. If you would like to be more isolated, find your own special piece of paradise in one of the smaller white towns that rural Spain is famous for, such as Galisteo – a little hidden gem with all its medieval history completely intact for you to partake in.

You may even go closer to the Portuguese border and find a property in Sierre de Gata or Las Hurdes at the northern end of Caceres province. Both these places are famous for their natural attractions, traditional Spanish architecture and local cuisine. Also, you would not be far from the Monfrague national park which is rapidly growing as a tourist destination because of its easy accessibility from both Lisbon and Madrid.

Once you are sure of the area you would like to live in, there are plenty of choices when it comes to the type of accommodation you want. Depending on the chosen area, you can buy town houses, villas with pools, cottages with land, apartments and even hunting lodges for sale.

Lastly, since a rural lifestyle isn’t for everyone – we would recommend that you rent a place for a while in your chosen area to get used to your new surroundings before you put your signature on that agreement.