Marmoleum London

Marmoleum is a floor you can walk on without your feet being cold. Marmoleum tiles are an easy way to get the benefits and look of linoleum into your home without using adhesive, or even necessarily replacing your sub floor. The flax plant, also a source for linen, is an easy-to-cultivate plant that is in abundant supply. Pine rosins are mixed with the linseed oil to produce a flexible binder. Sweep, dust mop, damp mop and/or vacuum as needed. Marmoleum London Because true linoleum is anti-static by nature, keeping it clean should be fairly simple. Our linoleum products are associated with durability, high quality and beautiful, innovative design. World leader in linoleum and their products are sold worldwide and have a proven track record of over 100 years of continuous production. Since most of the ingredients are renewable linoleum is an eco-friendly floor product, with less of a draw on the earth's resources than other types of flooring material.

Natural flooring London

Sisal is a beautiful fibre produced from the dense leaves of the Agave Sisalana plant, spiky bushes which flourish only in a sub-tropical climate. Our skilled natural flooring designers will survey your stairs and give a detailed briefing to our fitters so that your installation runs smoothly. Flooring makes great effort to ensure that our products are the best flooring and window covering choices available on the market. Natural flooring London Another noticeable characteristic of processed sea grass is its soft, sage green colours that range from a greenish tan to khaki-olive. We offer all kinds of bamboo flooring, including strand-woven bamboo, which is extremely hard and durable. Silky to the touch, it's perfect for those light wearing areas where luxury and comfort are in the greatest demand.