Property on Costa Calida for Sale

Costa Calida translates literally as the warm coast. It is situated on the south eastern coast of Spain in the province of Murcia which has been named after its micro-climate – relatively hot compared to rest of Spain.

The region starts from El Mojon in the north near Alicante and stretches to Aguilas in the south. It is bordered by Costa Blanca on the north and Costa Almeria in the south.

It also includes the Mar Menor – the largest salt water lagoon in Europe which is separated from the sea by the town of La Manga which is the major tourst hub for the region.

The climate is mild Mediterranean with sunshine year around. The temperature rarely dips below 12 degrees and has never been known to rise above 35 C with the annual average hovering around 18 C. Seawater is warm and perfect for bathing throughout the year, the mar Menor is shallow and slopes gently, making it perfect for families with little ones.

The region of Murcia was introduced to the civilized world after it was conquered by the roman army led by Scipio in 209 BC. For the next seven centuries, Murcia would remain an integral part of the Roman Empire. After the disintegration of the empire in 5th century AD, the region was plunged into civil war until the Moors brought it into their fold in the 7th century. Like other areas of Spain, the moors would have a profound effect on the culture, architecture and farming practices of the region over the next eight centuries.

From 18th century onwards, the mining industry was dominant in the area. Because of this, it played an important part in the industrialization of Spain. Costa Calida was granted autonomy within Spain in 1982 and the resultant stability of the area created a flood of tourism which continues unabated till today.

Murcians are generally regarded as open and friendly with the values of lifestyle, tradition and humour which can be found in most Spaniards.

A major draw for tourists to the region is the cuisine. The plains of Costa Calida are incredibly productive and local cuisine is dominated by fresh fruit and vegetable recipes.

Tourists flock to Costa Calida for great sports and leisure facilities. There are world class sports centres in all towns and you can find a riding stable or golf course with ridiculous ease. The roads are quiet and flat, perfect for exploring the area on a bicycle.

If the sea is more of your thing, rent a boat on any of the marinas and try your hand at fishing or enrol at a dive, windsurfing, sailing or canoeing school.

Most of the recent real estate developments have happened around the historic port town of Cartagena which is home to many monuments and architectural treasures from the Moorish and Roman era. If you are looking to buy an apartment or a pool villa with modern architecture, this is your best bet.

On the other hand, if your tastes run more to the traditional side, you will find some great beachfront villas near the town of Roldan, traditional cave houses and even an almond plantation if you want to.

Property rates in Murcia are more affordable than Costa del Sol but it does not lack in natural beauty, resources or modern amenities when compared to its better known neighbour. You will get great beaches, quaint towns and great sports facilities at value for money prices in Costa Calida.