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A person shall apply for an original license under the provisions of the Real Estate Law on the form of application prescribed by the Department. The applicant shall complete and sign the application form and submit it and the fee for the license in question to an office of the Department. The accusation shall be
verified unless made by a public officer acting in his official capacity or by an employee of the agency before which the proceeding is to be held. The verification may be on information and belief. In addition to the penalty specified in subdivision, a licensing board may not process any application for an original license unless the applicant or licensee provides its federal employer identification number or social security number where requested on the application. Dwellings provided by the development or the redevelopment of real property purchased, rented, or otherwise obtained from a State or local public agency receiving Federal financial assistance for slum clearance or urban renewal with respect to such real property under loan or grant contracts entered into after November 20, 1962. Condominiums are a special type of "fee simple" ownership called "strata title". This means you have "title" or ownership of both your own town house or apartment unit and, along with the other strata owners, you also own a portion of the "common property" in and around the building. Apart from registration of land charges, the case also raises issues as to the nature of interests arising under the first category in Lloyds Bank plc v Rosset [1991] 1 AC 107, whether arising under a constructive trust or by way of estoppel.



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