Where is it hot in November? ultimate sun destinations | Tenerife

In November it is slowly becoming winter in the Netherlands. The sun shines less long and there is regular rainfall. Through the dark months you get the sun in the mood again.

Especially if you are not a winter person. Fortunately we have collected the ultimate sun destinations for you. You can possibly book a last minute visit here. Ideal if you want to enjoy the sun in November.

Enjoy the sun on Tenerife

A destination relatively close to home is Tenerife. You are on the island in just 4.5 hours of flying. The chance of good weather in Europe is greatest in the Canary Islands. On average, the temperature during the day is still at 23 degrees. Especially if you stay in the south on the beautiful beaches.

An extra plus is that it is not super busy, but still touristy. So you can still walk along the pleasant boulevard and have a drink at the bar. Because the temperatures are not extremely high, you can also explore the island. For example, take a walk through the mountains, valley or visit the lava beaches. Keep in mind that it rains a bit faster in the north in November. So take appropriate clothing with you when you explore the island.

Experience the land of smiles in The Gambia

An African destination always works well in November. The Gambia is a beautiful country and coincidentally the drying season starts this month. This makes November even the best travel time for this beautiful country. At the beginning of November it is still 32 degrees on average during the day.

In this beautiful country you can relax by the sea in Kotu, Cape Point or Kololi. Also don’t forget to make a few colorful trips. For example, visit Bijilo Forest Park where you can see monkeys in the wild. Keep in mind that it can get really hot in November. So there is a good chance that you are almost alone on the beach. Within 6 hours and 15 minutes you can fly to the beach.

Sun, sea and white beaches in Curaçao

Slightly further flying from the Netherlands you will find the beautiful tropical destination Curaçao. The flight time is on average 10 to 11 hours, but you get a wonderful destination in return. November is a warm month with an average of 32 degrees, but you run a bit more risk of rain. Yet it is not a rainy season. The advantage is that the island is less popular because of the greater risk of rain.

This means that you can fly cheaply to the sun in November. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife here in Willemstad or relax on the beach on Mambo Beach. By the way, there are plenty of other beautiful beaches on Curacao. If rain falls, by the way, this is often a very heavy shower, but rather short. Then the sun shines again. You will therefore not be bothered by it and can enjoy a Curaçao sun holiday at a good price.

Take a trip through beautiful Cuba

Perhaps one of the most beautiful destinations in our list is Cuba. You really travel back to the past. In 10 hours flying you are in the capital Havana with the old vintage cars. In November it is on average 29 degrees and this makes it a great sun destination. It is less stiflingly hot compared to the summer months. Perfect if you want to do something on the island. Only in the evening it can cool down considerably so take a cardigan or jacket with you.

There is also relatively less rain in November compared to the summer months. Ideal if you come for the sun. Enjoy the rum, cigars and beautiful white beaches on this island. Or rent a car and drive to the tobacco fields or Santiago. In Varadero you can discover the beautiful all inclusive resorts and snorkel to the beautiful coral reefs. In short, a unique country to discover.

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