Where to sleep in Tenerife: North or South?

Tenerife although it may not seem like it is a very large one and from end to end of the island it can take about two hours, therefore, one of the most important things you should do when planning your trip to the island is to decide where you Do you want to stay, in the north or the south?

In today’s post, we bring you a list of the things you can find in each of the areas and do so we have based on our experience. On our first trip to Tenerife in 2014 we stayed at the Galeia Hardes del Teide hotel in Adeje (South) and on the trip we made in May 2017 we stayed in Santa Cruz, in the north, we talked about ours in the post  My hotel in Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Hotel Horizonte.




In this area of ​​the island, you will find large hotels and resorts, with huge swimming pools and on many occasions all-inclusive.

It is the place of night party of the island par excellence, especially in the area of ​​Los Cristianos.

There is also a lot of offer in shopping centers where you will find the usual chains of clothes, food, …

As we could see the best weather on the island is in this area, so it is also the most deserted area.

You will need a rental car if you want to do some cultural activity, know the Teide, La Laguna (World Heritage) or the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.



In this area, you will find small cheaper hotels, with fewer rooms than in the south of the island and on many urban occasions, without a pool.

In the north, you will find cultural and urban tourism, here is the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna, a World Heritage city and several museums and artistic activities.

Before we said that in the south you will find the best weather and that was why it was a more desert area, well, in the north you will find many green areas, such as Ánaga, because there is a micro-climate that makes it usually colder, windy and rain

Living in the center of a city makes you meet the people there, and you can talk to them and know their lives. You will find this in the north of the island, in the south you will only find tourists who have come to relax.

In the north, you will find guachinches, which are bars that cook typical Canarian dishes. You will not find this in the south because you will surely be in a resort with a buffet that offers international food, or at least that is what happened to us.

Although if you want to know the island it will be useful to rent a car it will not be necessary. In Santa Cruz and La Laguna, you will find two bus exchangers that can take you anywhere on the island.

Now you only have to put a +1 on each of the things you would like to enjoy, add the points and you already have your choice made between staying in the North or in the South of Tenerife.

We, having experience in both places, opted for the north, as we have already told you on some occasions we are not from the beach and if we know cities, towns, and gastronomy.

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